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1988, a venture into the snow to find your missing brother brings more terror than anticipated. 

Glacial is a single player first person horror set in the 80's, you are brought into Glacial valley resort where you will explore the immersive interior and exterior locations to be faced with your fears and uncover the story behind the disappearances at the resort...or, is everything what it seems?

Use your environment to find medical, light and weapon supplies to help you on your venture through the resort and down into the unknown, although, using weapons is not essential, play to your own style. Audio and visual scares aim to turn the chill in the cold, into a chill down your spine.

Additional Information:

  • Game contains blood and jump scares.
  • Option that removes enemys and player deaths for players who prefer a more casual style of horror. 
  • Game play lasts around one hour to one and a half hours.

  • Playable on windows 7 and above, please have 3.7GB of free space for the unziped file. Various quality settings available so hopefully it is suitable for most.

  • Anti-virus may be triggered due to it being a file it hasn't seen many times, if so, simply pause the anti-virus, or click "more information> run anyway".

Updated 5 days ago
Tags3D, Horror, Spooky, Unity

Install instructions

Unzip the package and open game via the application file 

The first running of the file can trigger anti-viruses (windows and avast to my own experience), clicking "more info", then "run anyway" or pausing anti-virus will still allow the game to run. 


Glacial.zip 1 GB